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You need to make the
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Here's one thing I've noticed in my beta test group of Power Influencers...

Every single one of them said "Power Influence" kicked major ass.

And when I asked for how could it be improved, here's the kind of responses I got back…

"Jason, I don't think Power Influence can be improved BUT... there may be one thing you can do to make it easier, faster and more effective..."

As you can imagine, I was all ears.

And they shared with me an idea that rocked my world.

They said what would be cool is if there was what they called "formulas", "templates" and "checklists" for specific situations or applications of Power Influence.

"Brilliant!" I thought. "I'm on it…"

Unfortunately, it took me a long time.

It was a ton of work, but here's what I did:

I mapped out 60 of my
most insanely powerful
persuasion formulas...

And what I did was create an ultra-targeted
training program that does FIVE CRITICAL THINGS:

  1. 1
    It ensures every single time you use power influence will be a raging success...
  2. 2
    It accelerates your ability to master Power Influence – no more trial and error – you know what works...
  3. 3
    I'm told it makes it 5X easier to use influence and persuasion in your life – it becomes effortless to integrate into your life...
  4. 4
    It deals with the major influence and persuasion opportunities in every guy's life – opportunities to 10-100X your game...
  5. 5
    And best of all, it creates that all-too-elusive unstoppable momentum as you move from one win to another...

I call this must-have add-on...

Have you ever gone into a deal or a
negotiation knowing success was INEVITABLE?
A situation you would (no doubt) DOMINATE?

THAT'S what I call "mental dominance."

Mental Dominance is like having 60 different influence and persuasion playbooks, so that no matter what the situation, you come out smelling like a proverbial rose.

Each one of these formulas takes full advantage of the 12 Agents of Influence you discover inside Power Influence…

... as well as many of the cognitive biases and thinking errors guys commonly fall prey to.

For instance:

Plus 57 more...

As one of my Team Capital guys said...

"The Mental Dominance Course AMPLIFIES
Power Influence Principles and Strategies 100X"


= Unstoppable Success

The Mental Dominance course totally complements Power Influence.

It's like you now have the complete puzzle.

With Mental Dominance, you have at your command...

A winning, targeted persuasion formula for
ANY situation you may ever need!

Each backed by all the latest research, insightful stories and empirical evidence inside Power Influence.

Now when I was at the Miami Retreat, I invited guys in attendance to get a pre-release version of the Mental Dominance course.

Imagine, hundreds of guys in a packed Miami ballroom.

Then at one point, mysteriously almost a third of them gets out of their chairs...

…. storm to the back of the room...

…. pull out their credit cards...

… and pre-order a program worth at least $6000.

Incredibly they did this WITHOUT being pitched.

Without being "sold".

Do you think that was a mere accident?

There's only one possible reason:

I had a plan. I had a formula. And I took action.

Over 50 fortunate guys bought at the time unreleased version of Mental Dominance and the feedback has been nothing less than astounding...

Plus, even though it's worth $16,000, I've
also added Big Dick, Big Money, Big Life.

Everyone today is playing small, and that's why they're always coming up short.

Big Dick, Big Money, Big Life has nothing to do with having a big wang, being rich or some famous CEO. It's all about attitude. And the formulas, templates, strategies, tactics and techniques that the guys who seem to have "big everything" are using right now, every single day.

Inside this 4-hour, at-home, high-impact bonus seminar, we're going to do a deep-dive into how these men do it.. what makes them "tick".. and I'm even going to give you all their formulas and templates as well, so the way people perceive you is the same:

"That guy must have a big dick.. big money.. or a big, badass life."

Which, by the way, is all you need to WIN. You don't need to be hung like a horse or rich like Trump to make people think this about you. You just need the attitudes, formulas and templates packaged neatly inside Big Dick, Big Money, Big Life, which is yours FREE TODAY with your Mental Dominance Upgrade.

And today, since you've already invested in yourself, you're not going to pay $3000…

Or $2000...

Or even $1000…

Not a chance. Not on my watch.

Because you've wisely invested in Power Influence, I'm going to knock the price down to just $697.

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My man, you have to appreciate a couple of things:

So if you're the badass I think you are, I encourage you not to miss out.

Remember, you're covered by my 60-day money-back guarantee, so you've got absolutely nothing to lose by going for it.

And my guess is, you'll probably do very well with it.

(And when you do, I want to hear from you, ok?)

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The "Semi-Famous" Jason
Capital Money-Back Guarantee

Go ahead, get Mental Dominance course and put it to the test.

I mean REALLY put to the test.

I guarantee the first time you do you'll be amazed.

People will WILLINGLY do as you ask. With a smile on their face.

In fact, if they aren't happy, you're probably doing it wrong.

My point is to try it, go ahead and try for 60 days and see what happens.

Based upon the feedback from guys who have used it, I think you'll be blown away.

And in the rare event, you're not, just send me an email and I'll refund promptly.

No hard feelings either way.

Jason Capital

Only 1 Payment of $3000 $697

1 x Payment of $697

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Here's what I think will really happen...

What do I think will happen?

Well of course, we'll sell out of this.

But besides that, I'll tell you what I think will really happen...

You'll start using what I share with you, all the formulas, and I'll bet dollars to donuts you'll make more money from the deals you do, from your negotiations, that anything you've ever done previously.

For instance...

Any of these cash-oriented conversations easily dwarf the comparably insignificant price of the Mental Dominance course.

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Mental Dominance is THE closest thing
to mind control
I will EVER release...

"Mind control" sounds like a bad thing, doesn't it?

If showing you how to control your own mind to unconditionally program yourself to accept all the money, success, fame you deserve, then I stand guilty.

Because used consistently, that's exactly what will happen.

Listen, have you ever been to Vegas and been on a roll?

Where everything you touched turned to gold?

How did that make you feel?

Sure, you had some money in your pocket. But didn't those feelings you got in Vegas bleed over into other areas of your life?

Because that's exactly what will happen with my Mental Dominance course.

Your results in all areas of your life will start to explode.

You'll feel like you can do no wrong.

That you're on fire.

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1 x Payment of $697

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No thanks, Jason. I'd rather learn persuasion and influence by trial and error.

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